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Thread: I think i bricked my wii - help/advice please!!

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    I think i bricked my wii - help/advice please!!

    I think I have accidentally and stupidly bricked my wii. My intention was to install some missing IOS to run some games from usb loader that wouldnt work. So this is what happened, I went to HB channel and accidentally updated it then procedded to load Pimp my Wii. I did a test to see what IOS I was missing. Then I went to NUSD Downloader and downloaded those missing IOS.
    I installed them through WAD manager, the IOS were...
    - IOS 57 v5661
    - IOS 60 v6400
    - IOS 61 v5405
    - IOS 70 v6687
    - IOS 16 v512
    I then exited HB Channel and restarted my wii to system menu. But nothing happened, my screen just went black.

    Is my wii fully bricked? Did updating my HB deleted my priiloader? OR did installing the WAD's bricked my wii?

    I hold restart and turn on power but the priiloader doesnt come on. It use to.

    Please help as to what I can do. Its still under warranty, can I take it back to Nintendo somehow?

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    Are you on 4.1/4.2?

    If you are then you just installed stub IOS60 v6400, which is an empty IOS installed by Sys Menu 4.2. Did you not notice the following message in NUSD?

    Quote Originally Posted by NUSD
    --- IOS60 ---
    Version 6400 of this IOS a stub, meaning it has no functionality besides simply existing. You will not be able to run any code from a stub IOS. Do not install version 5888, as certain versions of the System Menu require it to function.
    Give Nintendo a call and tell them the screen went black when you updated from your NSMB disc or something.
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    version 4.1

    I realise that I cant do much now much send it to Nintendo. I called them earlier today and all the lady on the phone said was that I had to fill out a repair form and send it in with my wii. And whether they fix it under warranty or if its a void of warranty fix ,they will tell me afterwards. So no definate yes, we will fix it for free.

    Im scared to send it to Nintendo because they would know its been softmodded. I heard they can tell using some soft of NAND dump and therefore charge alot $$ to fix and return it to you.
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    Depends how deep they investigate. A full brick will take time to diagnose so they may just replace your broken Wii with another.
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    ok thanks. so it is a full brick.

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    I have been reading the forum alot and read that you can unbrick your wii using savemiifrii as long as you have a autobooting modchip.

    The modchip i am referring to is Drivekey Wii Modchip. Would buying this and using the GC controller unbrick my wii? Since the driveykey is solderless, I was thinking it would be easy to install.

    Reason I dont want to take it to nintendo even though its under warranty is because Im scared of getting charge $$ from then to return me my wii if I dont accept it to be repaired if they discover its 'void'. Because I read the Nintendo website and it states that they do a 'Full diagnostic' of the wii.


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