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Thread: Trying to get in to the modding scene

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    Trying to get in to the modding scene

    I just ordered a Wii Clip + Argon chip for my Wii, and while I'm waiting for it to arrive I tried to get some games ready.

    First, I tried to buy a DVD burner because I didn't have one in my desktop. After a lot of research, I went with the LG GDR 8164b. I also bought 100 Verbatim DVD-R DVDs. After I received it (eBay), it turns out it was a DVD ROM that only reads DVDs and does not burn them. Also, I put in a game and it wouldn't read it either, so I won't even be able to rip them.

    Well, I looked at my laptop and it already had a DVD Burner, which I didn't know about. The device properties says HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-T11N. Well, I downloaded Nero and ImgBurn and used both of them to test out burning some games. I tried BoomBlox and Big Brain Academy, both of them seemed to complete, and after the DVD pops out and I put it back it in, nothing shows up at all on the DVD. I can't test it in my Wii because my modchip hasn't arrived yet, but shouldn't something be there?

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    Hi Welcome to WiiHacks.

    To rip original Wii games using the LG DVD Rom drive you have to use a program called RAWDUMP. If search for in the forums you will find more information how to use it.

    The PC can't read Wii disc or show you files on it, so once you have burned it, only way to test it is in a modded wii. The recommended discs to use are Verbatims DVD-R which you already have, they should be burned using IMGBurn at 4x speed for single layer games and use Verbatim DVD DL disc to burn the Dual Layer disc of which there is only one, SSBB.

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    Thanks! Can't wait for my modchip to get here so I can test it out. It's been a week but seems like an eternity.


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