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Thread: Need help saving games in Wii64

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    Need help saving games in Wii64

    I am loading games (roms) from HDD. I learned that by hitting XY that the games save. As long as I don't turn off the emulator I can resume where I left off. I have set the save naives to USB and all other options to USB. When I shut down and return to game, it says there are no saved games to load. It asks for a rumble pak. What is that?

    My question is:
    How do you save a game to USB or wii or SD (preferably the USB) using Wii64 emulator?

    Do I have to make a channel of the game and if so how do I do that?.

    I have purchased emulator games previously from Wii Shop and they installed as a channel and I was able to save games to the wii. How do I do this.

    Please help.

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    The ones you bought from the wii shop are wads not roms. Put a folder called saves inside your wii64 folder and it should save your game. If you want to have the games as channels you can find the .wad files for the game you want and install with wad manager. Or you can look into triiforce which has less risk then installing alot of wads to your NAND.

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    Did you have to use the USB 2.0 mod for wii64 to enable the use of your USB external drive? It's the only way mine would work, it worked perfectly from the get go with SNES and Gensisx!

    I am having the same issue with saving back to the external USB HD. Everything will function properly with an SD card when it comes to saving with wii64. As long as there are the proper save folder in place sd:/wii64/saves.

    If I find the answer I will post it up, I almost have things perfect!


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