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Thread: Bricked wii! D:

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    Bricked wii! D:

    Alright, so I've came across a bricked Wii I'd love to fix and give to my parents, although it has a problem. I think it's Semi brick. Ok so here i go...


    The wii has to be bricked in some form. The wii boots up with the Wii Remote just fine, but it freezes at what I'd assume is the health and warning screen, I say this cuz it's got a fancy theme over it. Just says Press A to continue.

    I believe it is on System Menu 3.2 NTSC-U


    I have no clue if the wii has BootMii installed at all. I tried this thread

    Both methods did not work apparently. D:

    Any ideas here?

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    Read this and post back with your findings?
    OH SH*T: Black Screen of WII!!!
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