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Thread: New Wii bought in Australia. Which modchip to get?

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    New Wii bought in Australia. Which modchip to get?

    Hi all, I am a Wii fan living in Australia. I bought a wii just a few days ago here in Melbourne and would like to get it modded, but just not sure which modchip/company to go with.

    The serial number is LAH1064XXXXX. I think this means it is the D2E chip?? My impression is that the D2pro9 would be the one to use?? Cost really isn't an issue when games cost about $AU100 each here. I am willing to pay more for the security of knowing my wii is relatively brick-proof.

    Any experience with which companies are good in Oz? I remember hearing about Ozmodchips being good, but not sure about anyone in Melbourne buying from them (different system to other states - no postage, just meeting the installer).

    Thanks very much.

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    Yes OZmodchips is a good place to buy. You can buy a chip or send your unit to him to do.


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