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Thread: USB Loader GX Channel & Forwarder Question

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    USB Loader GX Channel & Forwarder Question

    Does anyone know if you need to uninstall USB Loader GX Channel before installing the forwarder?
    Give me a thanks if anything i said was useful or you found it remotely intuitive

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    The forwarder is a channel that reads the app from your SD card. So you will need the boot.dol on the SD card for it to work. The forwarder will look for a specific folder name in the apps folder, if that specific folder is not in the apps folder then the forwarder will not work. You do not need the channel version of the usb loader installed.

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    I can load the USBLGX 2.0 channel from HBC, but I can't manage to install the forwarder. An error (that I'll post later the code) occurs. Any idea?

    Can I install only the forwarder from a blank SD and then continue using main SD where all apps are?

    Previously I managed to install the forwarder and got only a black screen? Should be a path issue?



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