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Thread: Help? I'm dumb lol

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    Help? I'm dumb lol

    I've read most of the tutorials and guides on here about how to use "backups" on the wii but don't get it. Can I use some zelda hack or do I have to purchase a modchip? I'd like to get this going tonight as i'd like to surprise my little sisters with new games.

    If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    You need a modchip to play backup Wii games.

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    Hi there,

    There are two types of 'Hacks' that can be carried out :

    1) Modchip hack. By installing a modchip, you can play backups (copies of original) Wii games on your wii. The following thread will help you understand the process.

    2) Homebrew hack. Modchip is not required for this. Homebrew allows you to run third party applications and games generally not released for commercial purposes, such as GeeXbox media player, solitair and many many others. It also allows you to run emulators and games of older consoles such as NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, etc. This is all done thru the Homebrew Channel which itself requires to be installed using the Zelda Twilight Princess game save hack or if you have a Modchip and depending on your version of the wii drive type, you could either do this via a DVD iso install method or again via the Zelda TP Hack. See detailed guide for this here ->

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    Does homebrew let me play backups?!

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    You can't do back ups but you can download the WAD Manager and get VC games

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    So i'm going to need a chip to play backups?
    How can you tell what kind of wii you have? I saw there was three different kinds and it depends on what model you have.

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    Go to the following thread and use your Wii Serial number to determine your Wii's drive type ->

    Once you have determined the wii drive type go to the following thread.


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