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Thread: Mii Installer/extractor v1.1 error...Any Advice???

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    Mii Installer/extractor v1.1 error...Any Advice???


    I have looked and looked and looked for this on the forums however have been unable to find any similar post. I have my wii fully softmodded on 4.2U, everything works great except for the Mii Installer/Extractor v1.1 when launched it shows mounting of Nintendo files system and SD file system success. Then when Installing or Extracting Mii's it says error (ret = -1) then reboots the wii. I have looked everywhere for what might be the issue causing this. I have a folder in the root directory of my SD Card called "miis" as directed. There seem to be little/no support for this app, I would appreciate any help with this issue.

    My system includes.

    Wii 4.2U softmodded
    4 GB sandisc SD Card
    1TB Seagate External (800GB For WII games 200GB for FAT32 storage)

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    Same error with 1.0 .......any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Well after doing some more research on the internet I have found the problem. The program supports ONLY SD not SDHC, I can't beleive there is no SDHC support.
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