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Thread: Any Suggestions?

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    Any Suggestions?

    Hi everyone,

    I bought my wife a Wii for Christmas and then bought 3 Drivekey chips from CanadaMods thinking I would simply mod my two Daughters units as well. Well!
    Installing the chip in my wife's machine was a piece of cake but the results were not so good; an error message with every backup copy I made. Yes, I have the right "rawdump" burner and burn with "imgburn" at slow speed, etc, so CanadaMods tells me it is a D3-2 DVD drive that can't be modded, change the DVD drive! SO, I bought a new drive with a DC2-D2C chipset and tried that.
    Now I have a series of errors with different backups including a sharp hum from the TV and the system locks up completely (only power off/on restores), the system is "corrupted" message , and the standard "error" message I received before changing the drive.
    Since my wife had become addicted to Tennis I'm getting nervous about permanently ruining her system. Has anyone run into these problems and overcome the issues?
    I'd be very grateful for any advice.

    Thank you

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    Why dont u softmod your wii?

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    You would get better support by posting in the ModChip forums:

    Solderless Modchips

    It might even get moved there.
    Please remember your manners - say Thank You if someone helped , it doesn't hurt

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    New here, Thank you for the suggestion.

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    In hindsight I wish I had but I now have 3 Drivekeys and a spare DVD drive, I will
    Constructive suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    put the dipswitches in the right position. and since you have a d3-2 check the sysmenu. if its on 4.2 you can only play youre wii's region games.

    can you enter the drivekey menu? with 3 x eject?


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