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Thread: Cant sync my wii remote...Pls Help...

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    Cant sync my wii remote...Pls Help...

    I tried to sync my remote to a friend's wii console manually by pushin the sync button on both the console n wii remote and NOW I CANT SYNC IT TO MY WII. When i power it on my Preloader screen comes n I cant go beyond that. Is my wii useless now? If not, pls help..

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    You need gamecube controller to bypass preloader, then it will sync

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    Try to navigate with power ,reset and eject buttons(Just for preloader)
    If it wont work try a different wiimote
    If that wont work to try GCC

    Hope it helps

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    It appears you can only SYNC your Wii remote via an official Wii menu. I found the wii system menu works best. Doesn't matter what mods, channels etc. you have installed.

    If you can't get to the system menu, try these steps:

    1.) Remove your SD card and disconnect your USB Hard drive to bypass any autoboot settings you have configured in preloader or priiloader.

    2.) If you are stuck in Preloader on boot, Try using the 'power' and 'Reset' buttons on the front of your console to navigate. If they don't respond, you will need a Game Cube controller.

    *** Make sure your batteries are good, install fresh to be safe ***

    4.) When you get back to the main menu, SYNC in the usual method: Press SYNC on Wii Remote ONCE first, (player lights will flash) press SYNC next to SD card slot.

    *** SYNCing is not 100% so keep trying, It will connect eventually!!! ***

    If that doesnt work, try a different Wii remote.

    If it still doesn't work after that, your Bluetooth module inside the wii is kerput!


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