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Thread: question-not sure were to post this again

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    Ca question-not sure were to post this again

    i was wondering is there any where eles to download games besides torrents/rapidshare and megaupload ???

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    There's IRC (Internet Relay Chat) or Newsgroups/Usenet. IRC is free but speeds can vary and finding things can be tricky. Newsgroups/Usenet aren't free (typically 5/$10 a month unlimited downloads - what I use I got in while they was running a offer so it stayed at that price I belive it's $10 a month and then goes up to $12 a month after first two months) and have choice from over TeraBytes and TeraBytes of Games an they download at the max speed of your Computer Connection. You can click the link in my sig if you want to find out more about Usenet/Newsgroup Downloading. I highly recommend Usenet/Newsgroups especially if you have a good connection.

    For more information on IRC - IRC Help - Downloading via IRC

    There's also eDonkey/eMule - - Guide To eDonkey2k - Intro
    but eMule is pretty much dead and very slow.
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    what about and how does it work there is no where to sign up

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    nTorrents is a bittorrent sharing site. There are many hundreds of these types of sites. ntorrent specializes in Nintendo content. As with any torrent site, it requires a torrent client, the most popular of which is uTorrent and Vuze (aka Azureus). Also there are Public sites, open to the public all the time and anyone can join and Private sites, limited to people with invites in most cases and some so private that people don't even know the url for it and it is forbidden to mention and are only know as acronyms.

    nTorrents is a private site that requires invite to join. You need to go to the thread in the invite section of the forum and request an invite if anyone has one to spare. It is a valuable commodity as the person who gives out the invite will also get into trouble if the invitee abuses any terms and condition of the site, so people are reluctant to give out invites.
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    well ive been trying to down load games from rapidshare and most of the time when its done downloading and i go to open it using winrar i get this message the archive is either in unknown format or damaged and most of the tme i can't get part 1 just the rest of the parts.what does this mean am i doing something wrong or using a wrong program.using rapidshare and free download manger(is the name of the program)i have tryed different download mangers and all the games say the same thing

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    can aanyone suggest some newsgroups and how do i download from them or irc

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    Take a look at the following sites:
    How To Download ANYTHING With Newsgroups by GamersDaily -- Revver Online Video Sharing Network

    Introduction for beginners | Binaries4all Usenet Tutorials

    Tutorial: What is NZB? | Binaries4all Usenet Tutorials

    Once you are familiar with Newsgroups then get yourself a news reader like Grabit here -> :: Home or Alt.binz 0.25.0 from here -> then get a free 3-day trial at -> ********HITNEWS.EU******

    After this you may never look back at torrents, or so I heard.


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