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Thread: how to burn ssbb dvd5

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    Question how to burn ssbb dvd5


    how do i burn super smash brother brawls dvd5 to a single layer game size is 4.37gb i tried burning it before but i got a black screen after i press start this is what i done and programe i used.

    1. i used imageburn
    2. i set the write speed to 1x and 2x and i cant set it to 4x because i get a clicking sound but my other games worked at 2x.
    3. the discs i use is 8x dvd-r pleomax
    4. i put the game in the wii, it comes up when i click start it goes stright to a black screen no loading nothing

    i forgot to mention that i used wiu 1.1 to patch the update

    the wii firmware is 3.2e dvd drive is a d2b the mod chip is d2pro clip v4 solderless.

    my other games works sept this game so could any one tell me what im doing wrong thanks.

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    COuld be media brand or a bad image. Try different brand DVD-R Disc or different image of game.


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