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Thread: The use of hot glue gun?

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    The use of hot glue gun?

    I've just soldered my first and hopefully last D2Pro9 V2 in a D2C chip and although it works just fine, I don't have a lot of confidence in the long term stability of the 3 points soldered on the D2C chip.

    Assuming I'd never want to bugger about with it again, would it be ok to run a bit of hot glue across the actual IC legs so it's all set in stone so to speak? I'm pretty sure I remember seeing wires pulled back and glued across the top of an IC back in the old PS2 days but not on the actual legs themselves.

    Can those clever peeps in the know advise please?


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    hot glue gun won't help if you have a cold solder joint. Just make sure you used a little flux when soldering so the wire connects and stays to the metal.

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    I find putting a little flux on the leg and tinning the wire makes easy work of the IC legs.

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    Thanks guys. My solder points are ok and working, it's more a question of holding it in place from wire movement and working loose rather than a question of solder adhesion (if that makes sense)

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    Oh..I think what he is, he has already soldered the wires to the IC legs....he just wants to secure them from moving them around and snapping of the legs..correct. Sounds like he wants to run a bead of glue along the legs to keep all the wires from coming off the solder points. I used to do that on the old PS 1 after i modded...I would seal the whole damn thing in a ball of glue...rather than electrical Worked fine for me...

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    There is no point of the hot glue because once you seat it back and close it up it won't be moving anywhere. What you should do is put electrical tape over the chip then close up the wii so there is no grounding.

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    Don't put glue on the solder points. If you ever have to change something it's going to be very hard to remove it. I ran the wires over my D2C chip when I soldered and put the hot glue on the top of the chip to hold the wires. That way I can desolder if I ever need to and just peel the glue from the top of the chip.


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