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Thread: Yep another HHD USBloader GX question thread

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    Yep another HHD USBloader GX question thread

    I've been reading through a bunch of similar threads and can't seem to find one that quite fits my situation.

    So USBloader GX has been working great for me running off my fujitisu 120GB MHY2120BH in a acomdata Tango 2.5" enclosure. I decided I needed more space so I purchased a WD5000CSRTL 500GB HDD and an acomdata Samba enclosure.

    Most games work fine but CSI Hard Evidence just black screens (works fine through SoftChip from disc) and Deadly Intent loads but when picking the first case just resets back to the system menu.

    Other games work fine even NSMB, Indiana Jones Staff of Kings, Ghostbusters, SSX Blur

    I just don't know what is wrong with this. I did notice that USBloader GX takes about twice the time to boot up when using the 3.5 WD.

    Any ideas?

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    Ok so I'm still having the problem above but now USBloader GX is showing three rows of tiny box art when I show it in grid list. Also I noticed some of the games will still play fine like Mario Kart but all are showing up at 0.0 GB when I get to the spinny disc when about to load a game.

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    Copy the contents of your USB Loader directory to your PC, then remove it & reinstall it and start over, see if it is a USB Loader problem or a USB HDD problem.

    Or get a different loader and try that, not everything is a USB Loader problem, could be a game problem, a USB HDD problem or finally a loader problem.

    USB Loader Releases - WikiTemp
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    Thanks, I'll try that.


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