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Thread: I have a V3 but don't know what Wii I have yet

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    I have a V3 but don't know what Wii I have yet


    I bought a D2PRO v3 (D2E certified) to be sure for its compatibility to D2C, D2C2 and D2E because i ordered a new Wii some days ago. The Wii probably will arrive here before the end of the next week, so I don't know what kind of chip has on board.
    If not D2E but D2C2 the D2PRO D2E certified is really compatible also with D2C and D2C2 as declared or will not work good?

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    it works on all boards however if you have a d2c or d2c2 then you might want to flash the firmware on the chip to 2.3 to fix the eject spin up issues. for this you will need the d2prog


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