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    Question Partially bricked software

    O.K. I installed homebrew on 4.2U system. all went good. Banner bomb, IOS 249, all of it. I was up and running. I installed the WIFI prog to send WII game iso's (that i own) to my computer so i can back them up and playing the copies on NeoGamma r8 Beta 15. Successful for two weeks.One night tried to play a ntfs usa copy of WII sports resort and the machine wouldnt let the game or the origanal play till the WII updated. Once i updated, all the soft mod hacks were blocked or something. the wii still works and plays origanal disks, But when you try to go into any mod program it acts like its going to load then just stays blank screen. I have a back up copy of the nand but have no program to run it or way to remove the hack. Its all locked up. Help Please.

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    shnively - I think you need to use bootmii to restore to your nand backup. You took the backup before installing all of the sotfmod stuff, right? Like the guides say? If you look around you can find the bootmii folder here on the wiihacks forum if you've lost yours.

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    Just do the 4.2 guide below again.
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    Thank you both for your help. After I stopped the panic attack, I went back and started agian at part B of the user guide for 4.2 soft modded installation, and reran Dogeggs uninstall of ios 249 then continued from there through the whole proccess agian every step reinstalling a fresh copy of ios249 hack and wolla have a perfectly good homebrewed WII agian. Back ups running fine. Not sure what happened but believe the update before the crash somehow targeted the hack. I went back and downloaded the ready to use hack.ini and installed that using the prililoader. So hopefully this will prevent future unwanted updates from entering my WII. Thanks so much from Me and My Family.


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