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Thread: Plz Help. I've got a Jap wii with ad2c-pro (Gw-601A)chip installed, are there updates

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    Plz Help. I've got a Jap wii with ad2c-pro (Gw-601A)chip installed, are there updates

    I've just opened my Jap Wii to see which chip is in it, + it's got a d2c-pro (Gw-601A) installed with a bucket load of wires connected.
    I cannot get it to play a genuine Pal version of Super Mario Galaxy. All my other games are Jap or American and they work fine.
    Is there an update that I can get for it?
    The "Smg" loads in to the game channel, can see the picture of it, but when you click on it to play it,... a voice says "Super mario galaxy" then the Wii locks up and I have to turn it off at the mains.
    Please can anyone help me......? I cannot find much info about this chip .
    Also I understand that you can now get a bit of software from Tona to make a wii reigon free, does anyone know if it will work with my chip?, and does it work with the 3.3j update?

    Thanks very much

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    You might want to check out this -> Installation Guide V 1

    Read their technical bulletin

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    Even though your Wii is Japanese.. it should play imports.. (any regions)
    I have installed many D2Cpro (31 wire version) and they all work just fine..
    Not sure what your issue could be.. maybe the L wire isnt connected..
    Which is the region free optional wire.. but then u are able to run USA and JAP copies..
    so not sure.. sorry...


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