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Thread: Thinking about posting links to download games? READ THIS!!!!!!

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    Thinking about posting links to download games? READ THIS!!!!!!

    DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT post or request any direct download links to ANY pirated material. If you are caught doing so you will be RR'ed/Banned accordingly.

    This means NO rapidshare/mediafire/megaupload links etc...etc.. to full ISOs or split RAR ISOs whatsover. Also NO .wads for WiiWare/VC/DLC are to be linked here either.

    Links to torrent sites are allowed, but only to the site itself, no direct links to the torrent in question. You may provide assistance as to where to look.

    Also this is NOT the place to ask for or supply invites to torrent sites, we have a place for those already.

    This forum will be monitored constantly and people not obeying the rules will be punished accordingly. There will be NO exceptions to these rules AT ALL. No one will get special treatment in this regard.

    Please help us keep WiiHacks legal we move just a little bit more mainstream and will be around for a long time


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