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Thread: Is it possible to put a game on thumb drive as channel

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    Is it possible to put a game on thumb drive as channel

    I have a thunmbdrive with games on it that works great when I load usbloader GX or wiiflow but what I would like to do is make a few of the games channels. Is that possible or not. I tried searching but wasnt sure what to search for.


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    I load some of my favourite games that are located on a hd through channels. There is a program called crap (no joke) and it lets u choose where the game is loaded from and whether u want to use ocarina cheats etc, its pretty good.

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    Please remember your manners - say Thank You if someone helped , it doesn't hurt

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    Thanks guys. I followed the instructions for using Crap and it worked perfect except that the game I am wanting to create the channel for is New Super Mario Brothers and what is weird is I run it from my thumbdrive as a .ciso and it works perfect but when I create a channel it acts the same as it does when I burn it to disc in that it will try to play but then comes up with an error. Can anyone give some advice on how I can get this game to run either from a disc or from a channel without getting the error.

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    Follow NSMB guide for disc loading.It needs to be patched.If u dont understand it,i can make it simple for u!!!

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