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Thread: dvd drive motor..

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    dvd drive motor..

    it appears my wii drive has as good as bit the dust, disc read errors on all discs, bombs out halfway through games, noisey, etc.....

    as im on a very tight budget at the mo... instead of replacing the whole unit, is it the dvd drive motor or the laser motor i should be looking at changeing????

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    Switch to usb loading, cheaper than buying a new dvd drive.

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    If you opt to do a drive switch, better hold on to that PCB attached to the drive... if you get a new one high probabiliy D3-2 drive (and this PCB can save your butt on that issue).

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    my current chipset is D2B and im looking at around 35 for complete new drive, but the motors are around 10, i would like in the future to go the usbloader route but as i dont currently own a drive to use i would have to purchase one anyway.

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    Had the same problem with friends wii loaded all my game backups on to a usb hard drive with WBFS manager 3.0 and use uloader all works fine dont use the dvd drive.


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