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Thread: Updating USB GX offline.

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    Updating USB GX offline.

    I recently tried loading game art to usb gx rev883 and for some reason it corrupts all my games. So I decided to update since I'll need to in order to play N.S.M.B. in gx anyways.

    So I downloaded the boot.dol of the latest rev. and replaced the boot.dol in the apps/usbloadergx folder. Now when I boot up usb gx it freezes when selecting a game. (since then replaced with old boot.dol and works again but can't have covers.) Could I be doing something wrong?

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    Do you use USB HDD or SD Card as your boot device for HBC?
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    HBC boots from SD card, and games/movies on HDD.
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    Get the latest USB Loader GX from the offal site complete, copy everything off your SD Card, reformat the SD Card, put everything back less the USB Loader GX, copy the newer USB Loader GX Folder to the card.

    At least you still have a full working copy of your card untouched at this point.

    1st check free space on the SD Card - have you enough to put lots of artwork?

    2nd - Now put the card back into the Wii and see what happens,

    3rdly, get a new USB loader, USB Loader GX is notoriously quirky with some SD Cards & Wiis, choose from here, WiiFlow is good eye candy, cfg USB Loader seems to be the loader of choice for most:

    USB Loader Releases - WikiTemp
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    Think I'll just skip to step 3
    Trying to make the wii as noob friendly as possible for the rest of the family.
    I liked GX because it resembled the emulator menus sorta.
    Now I see it's not worth the headache, think I'll have a go with Cfg. USB.
    Since it's based of NeoGamma and that's the one I've had the most success playing NSMB in but it's not too family friendly.
    Much respect.

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    one of the reasons why GX can be quirky is the configuration files. Copy the directory config off the sd card and try and launch the new one again. Remember it will default to your sd card for the covers so repoint it to the covers directory on your hard drive. I've found most of my failures with gx is the old configs messing up the new install.


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