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Thread: Disc drive loading but not spinning??

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    Disc drive loading but not spinning??

    Hi all.

    Hopefully someone has an answer for me.

    I have a wii console that has been hard modded with a Drivekey. (serial # LAH1062...). It has been playing fine since xmas, playing original & back up games with no problem. I have modded over 10 Wii consoles using the Drivekey & all have no issues.

    I have ordered more Drivekeys, & my supplier has sent me the 2.0 version (one with the yellow sticker that plays NSMB). I tried one in my comsole to see if actually loads & plays NSMB (backup copy). When I loaded the disc it came up with a message to eject the disc & turn the unit off. I did this & now when I load a game, whether it be original or backup, it pulls the disc in but it doesn't spin. I can still see the channels on the screen & everything else still works fine. It does the same thing when I remove the Drivekey & also when I put the original Drivekey back in. I know it's not the DVD drive, because I put it into another console & it worked fine & the DVD drive from that console into mine won't work. The disc will spin freely if I use my finger to turn it.

    I have no idea what could be causing it. Any help would be Fantastic


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    You could accidentently messed up something in the wii. Check the ribbon cable and check the solder points.
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    Ribbon cable checked & found to be damaged. Now repaired.

    My son & I both thank you



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