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Thread: How many different games do you still play?

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    How many different games do you still play?

    So you all probably have a lot of wii games by now. My question is how many different games do you actually still play on a regular basis?

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    Aug 2008
    Hi voted 2-5, and the winners are:

    Wii Sports and Super Mario Galaxy

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    The United Kingdom. because kingdoms are cool
    Resident Evil 4 - for the mercenaries challenge

    SSBB - because i rock with Kirby

    Boom Blox - for when me and my housemates get back drunk from the pub

    Mario Kart Wii - because its funny to win online when your baby peach!!! it must annoy the other gamers to be beat by a 'ickle girly

    Zelda Twilight Princess - for the reason that i havent got the time to invest in it properly, it will be completed some day in the future

    Order Up! - but my friends dont know why, and neither do i

    Sonic and the Secret Rings - actually that was a joke..............seriously though

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    Mario kart and Mario Super Slugger

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    mario kart and wii sports


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