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Thread: Usb loader gx & partions

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    Usb loader gx & partions

    Ok guys here is my problem I have an seagate expansion 500gb usb drive. I initially set this drive up 250gb for wii games(it works great got it for real cheap) and 250gb for regular computer stuff. I have since decided to just put the whole thing for my wii. SO what I did is clears all the stuff off of the side I was using for windows , formatted the second part to work on the wii. I put some games on it already and it ready to work but I cant figure out if there is a way to switch between partions on usb loader gx, i read that this is possible but cannot figure it out can anyone please help me Can anyone help please

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    The problem you will have is one partition will be active and the other not.

    imo, your best option is to back up to hard disk, delete the 2 partitions, reformat as one partition, put the games back on, carry on as normal.

    It will save you many hours of heartache later on down the line.

    Maybe others will offer a different advice route, you can wait till others answer until you make your decision.
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