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Thread: Send in for repair with homebrew?

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    Send in for repair with homebrew?

    hey, my wii is fully bricked and im pretty sure its a hardware issue because i tried everything else and NOTHING worked. I downloaded games (tetris, etc) that i have on the wii, and homebrew. will nintendo do anything if i send it into them like that?

    And also, i would really like to still have my game saves because my 2 daughters have their characters and wii fit profiles and im really hoping they wont be deleted.... Will they? Thanks!

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    just to make sure... Hold reset when you power on and see if preloader starts up.

    When you power on without any discs in the wii, does your dvd light flash twice quickly? if so you have bootmii installed as boot2

    check for those and post back here. hopefully it can be fixed.

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    nope, and nope. Both didnt work. I told you i did everything, lol, my main concern is sending it in. It isnt under warranty so i have to pay... But what about the games that i put on there? (tetris, world of goo, etc) can i get in trouble for those? Thanks!

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    worst case, would be the repairs would cost the same price as a new wii. You wouldn't get in trouble. If they don't check it (from what I've heard they don't always) then it would be less. Don't use the word "brick" though. say you updated and something happened. Play dumb. Tough break, brother.

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    Is your wii old enough to handle bootmii in boot2? If so you can (or someone else)
    flash bootmii into boot2 using a hardware nand flasher. Done it so many times to unbrick a wii...
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