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Thread: Problems after shop update 4.2

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    Problems after shop update 4.2

    Hi all 1st post so go easy please, 4.2e softmodded, all was well till the kids updated the shop channel, homebrew channel vanished, neogamma r7 dosent work.....not good. well following bits and pieces from here i got hbc back but it will not show any wads in wad manager 1.5, plus i tried to run through the guide again but it freezes as soon as i get to select ios 249, now im not totally new to this but im not an expert so any help would be great, is there a guide that will rectify this complete with downloads that i can follow? or a push in the right direction, i wanted to install wiiflow but am unsure wether this is possible now either, if a guide is about to sort it i will gladly follow it. many thanks L8. ok after much reading should i start again and follow this guide?
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    anyone any ideas please

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    Yes follow that guide.

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    thats great thanks for the reply

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    ok so all good and working... wiiflow freezes tho on please wait screen, black screen and nothing, its running 249, anything else im missing?


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