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Thread: NEWBIE Help on playing PAL games on NTSC TV with a PAL WII

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    NEWBIE Help on playing PAL games on NTSC TV with a PAL WII

    i have a hacked WII that my buddy gave the Hard Drive he gave me came stocked with 130 games unfortuntaely he is from UK and i am here in the US. So i am using a PAL WII on NTSC TV. Apart from the flickering black and white screen the NTSC games do load perfectly however the PAL one are a blank black screen.

    Is there a fix for this so that i can load PALgames or do i have to stick to NTSC games if so do you guys have favorite sites for downloads of NTSC WII games. My buddy says Pirate Bay

    Oh i have USB loader GX

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    Try forcing your video options to your region. That usually fixes it, but doesn't work on all games.

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    its a Eropean WII and USA is not an option .. Ive read that there is a utility anyregion changer in hombrew but having done some research there are lots of stories of people getting bricked trying this

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    the games do load but they load in Black and White


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