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Thread: View WBFS inside HBC or Wii console

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    View WBFS inside HBC or Wii console

    hi guys,

    is there a way (file or applications) that we can use to view WBFS files inside system menu or HBC ?

    i can only view usb (NTFS) or SD by using Wii Explorer applications...


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    There isn't that I know of. sorry

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    WBFS files cannot be viewed. You can only view all installed games in a USB loader.

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    Also You can not view them on the computer without WBFS Manager or Game Manager GUI......

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    Yeah... I'm trying to say - WBFS is a filesystem that IS NOT directory-tree based, that means you can only view the games, not the files. It's possible to extract the ISO back from the filesystem, however, that ISO would be already scrubbed and brickblocked.

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    yup i agree what's being said, i recognize iso files also expand to approx 4.5 Gb to be viewed by WBFS manager as contrast to the size itself when i install it using usb loader gx. I'm just wondering if there is a file / filter so i can copy, cut, or paste inside wii system menu or hbc application. Anyway, thx a lot guys for all information....

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    No there is not. Why are you looking to be able to do that in the wii menu and HBC?

    Just out of curiosity?


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