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Thread: black screen, 4.2E

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    black screen, 4.2E

    i try to play zelda from the orignal launcher but a black screen shows up. I updated it because before on 4.1 it wasn't working but now it atleast goes to the black screen. I can also access the settings of drive key...

    Please help me`? also tell me if it happens due to a bad burn?

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    why would you update? You don't need 4.2 to play any games.You have lost the ability to play other region games your stuck on your region.As far as the black screen goes....probably a bad burn.Man next time read here first because there are many threads telling you not to update to 4.2 oh well live and learn right bud? sorry this has happened to you bro.

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    actually that's my friend's wii and also on 4.1 he could not run the drive key thats why he thought that updating might help.


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