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Thread: Welcome Emails with Frequently Asked Questions

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    Welcome Emails with Frequently Asked Questions

    I was looking at Trekster's Newbie thread and came up with a thought (it doesn't happen often so hear me out). It's obvious we have a lot of people coming into this forum who have either no idea how or no intention to search the forum before they ask a redundant question about how to softmod, or how to get NSMB running, or any other number of really common questions.

    I think Trekster has put together a nice list of quick answers and links to many of the questions we see pop up here multiple times every day. This, in addition to the welcome dialogue put forth in the Introduce Yourself forum, could form the basis for a FAQ that could be incorporated into a welcome email. One that could be automatically sent out once the registration process is complete and has direct links to all the most frequently used and requested guides on the site, coupled with the link to the rules, introductions, etc.

    Crap idea? Good idea? What do you all think?
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    I like that idea.

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    sounds good to me! Everyone thinks when they first sign up that their problem is isolated and have no clue about tutorials that may have already been submitted so they just jump on the "new thread" option... I think this will inform people and deter people from making so many new threads!

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    Question How about...

    I've been a member of many forums where you have to make x number of useful posts before you are able to post new threads. That can be a bit harsh but how about this:

    On sign up rights are read only, as per reading room. You get a quite simple task that involves use of the search function. e.g.

    How can an upside down HBC channel be fixed?
    a) Format your hard drive
    b) Do a disc update to 4.2
    c) Reinstall Home Brew Channel
    d) There is no fix

    If the submitted answer is wrong then a new task is set.

    Permission to post is granted once a correct answer has been made.

    Think of it as a noob proficiency test.

    Some work to make a pool of questions and monitor answers but gotta be better than the amount of time spent doing the search for someone and directing them to the relevant thread.

    What you all think?
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    LOL!!!!! A noob proficiency test. I love it. Not sure if it's necessary upon sign up but might be a neat way for noobs to lessen reading room time for minor failure to search infractions. Make it something horrible like 200 questions. They'll know more than senior members if they actually pass it, and their fingers will be bloody stumps from searching, haha.


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