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Thread: 3rd Earth WII Battery dead , Energizer 2500mAH ok replacement ?

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    3rd Earth WII Battery dead , Energizer 2500mAH ok replacement ?

    hi team and wiimaster , i bought a 3rd Earth WII Battery + Charger about 10 months ago and 1 of 2 Batteries i got has died already. I want to buy Energizer Ni-MH AA Batteries as a replacement , as theyre quite reliable. I have 4 Energizer AA's for my Digital Camera and are 3 years old and still going strong.

    Does anyone know much about batteries i can use safely ?

    My current 3rd Earth WII Battery is 700mAH

    with the Energizers i can get 2500mAH

    i dont know too much about batteries and i dont want to damage my WIImotes

    any info helps


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    Yeah they will work fine they will last so much longer. Make sure it not your connections that are at fault not the batteries, check the connections and if needed rub them with sand paper.

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    awe thanks for the info wiimaster your too sweet , i just cleaned the Battery contact points with a rubber and isopropyl and then isopropyl on the WIImotes contact points. Unfortunately no response , i also tried charging the suspect Battery and it wont charge.

    Im prolly going to get a WII Zapper tommorow , i might pickup some Energizers while im there.

    thanks again wiimaster your quite helpful

    s8n from Oz

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    The batteries you get in these packs tend to be a bit rubbish. One that I got lasted a couple of months and two out of the four batteries died in such a way that they lost charge immediately after removing them from the cradle. I replaced the batteries with dirt cheap Pound shop rechargeable Ni-Mh 800mA batteries, soldered them up to the charging contacts and they've worked great since.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    nice info Tealc , yea i had a feeling the manufacturers of these packs were making cheap gear so i decided to go the trusted manufacturer route. I just needed some confirms before proceeding , im good to go now thanks to you and wiimaster.


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