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Thread: WiiHacks Folding @ Home Team

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    WiiHacks Folding @ Home Team

    I was thinking that since the community here at wiihacks is large and ever growing it would be a cool thing to start a folding at home (F@H) team. If this gets approved then I'll take the time to register a team with them (unless someone else wants to do it).

    Anyway I just think it would be cool to help out with disease research and the community here at wiihacks would be a great addition to the F@H network!!!

    Read about folding at home here:

    EDIT: Well Im dumb and cant figure how to make the above a link while still showing the URL so yeah... Guess you'll have to copy and paste it inta ya browsers (this is embarrassing)
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    trekster aka Chuck Norris will join in if you make a team

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    I'd clear up a computer to get back into the folding@home gig.
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