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Thread: Dvd Media confusion.

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    Dvd Media confusion.

    I am getting my Wii modded tonight and I was just wondering I see a lot of preference about disc's. Lots of people say use Verabtim but no retail local stores carry it. So now I'm asking which one is second best and third.

    Lots of talk about Memorex +/- R (not sure which one is better)

    Is this a good brand for Wii games cause I can find them haha.

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    Sony -r did not work for me.
    Maxell +r same story.

    I found Verbatim 100pk -r at officemax for 19.99.
    Gmodz will lie to you to make a sale.

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    Sony DVD-R and TDK DVD-R has worked for other people. So it will be a matter of some trial and error.

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    I get all my dvd's from this site. I use sony dvd-r for the backup and verbatium white inkjet hub printable dvd-r for the games. I have also used Taiyo Yuden Premium White Inkjet Hub Printable dvd-r. All dvd's are burnt with nero as an image burn at 4x DVD-R,DVD R Media,DVDR Blank Media,DVD R,DVD+R,Dual Layer,Double Layer,Printable DVD,DVD Case
    They have the best assortment and price. The only problem is the quantity they want you to order. It works alright for me as I usually order 400 at a time.
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