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Thread: Fatal Frame on Drivekey

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    Fatal Frame on Drivekey

    i have 2 versions of the this backup with patched english subs and neither will play. just says error reading disc. this is the only backup ISO that i cant seem to get running on my drivekey. i even tried brick blocking and region frii it, still nothing. booting from disc channel doesnt work either. anyone have a solution on how to play the ISO patched with english subs of this game?

    wii 4.0u, NTSC console, NSMB (yellow tag) Drivekey, Drivekey setting are set to allow region override and block updates

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    ok found out how to do it. all the info here for drivekey users that dont want to softmod their wii. NOTE: you have to have the original retail NTSC-J

    its interesting, when you put in the NTSC-J backup ISO it works but no english subs. but if you put in any pre-patched ISOs the disc cant be read. stick with the method above in the link and get yourself the retail DVD

    hope this helps others


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