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Thread: Another PSP exploit found, works on firmware 6.20 and all PSP models

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    Another PSP exploit found, works on firmware 6.20 and all PSP models


    With so many fake news and videos floating around the scene lately, it's sometimes hard to distinguish what's real and what's not. But this one looks to good to be true as pspjoke, together with n00b81, has posted a screenshot of a potential save game exploit that they have discovered.

    According to reports, the latest exploit works on firmware 6.20 and all PSP models, including the PSP 3000 and the PSP Go. Word has it that pspjoke is already working on the eLoader that could potentially ignite the PSP homebrew scene, again.

    Developer's note:
    It already is an exploit. already running code, already awesome.
    but not just anyones gonna get it...
    sorry, only important people in the scene and others i can trust.

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    From the forum comes an interesting news for the PSP hacking scene. And this time, there appears to be the usual fake. The coder pspjoke, with the help of noob81, worked on saving some PlayStation Store titles, with the hope of finding at least one crash that turned out to exploit. It seems that the work has paid off and that there is an exploit for firmware 6.20, compatible with all models of PSP is currently available. The news is tagged as a rumor, because they are not available or demonstration video files nor even to keep the game in question will be promptly removed from the PlayStation Store and patches. On the forum, though, came confirmations on the possible use of this new crash.

    As usual, will keep you informed of developments.

    Source - psp-ita news
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