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Thread: New Super Mario Bros issue...

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    New Super Mario Bros issue...

    I have read the thread about common issues, but I am getting a green screen followed by the wii resetting when I try to run NSMB. I just successfully softmodded my wii last night and do have the most recent NeoGamma. Right now I'm loading from DVD and have already played other burned games (trivial pursuit and one other). I know it says the Green Screen problem is a region problem but I went through all the Force settings in NeoGamma and it's the same thing.

    I haven't found anyone else with the same issue, so is there anything else it could be?

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    google- nsmb fix guide wiihacks- it'll probably help you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wiimaster4eva View Post

    I actually just found that after posting...silly me. I couldn't get in here fast enough to edit because Google Chrome has been giving me problems... Thank you!

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    Got the same problem as ajsnow6234.

    I've fixed the game with a patch, burnt it and it's runs fine at a Wii with original firmware v4.1E and v4.2E.

    But if I want to play the same disc at a v3.3E and v3.4E Wii I get the same problem as described above (green screen and reboot).

    I've already updated the v3.4E Wii safely to v4.2E but problem still exist.

    When I connect a external HDD to a Wii with firmware v3.3E, v3.4E, v4.1E and v4.2E the game works fine.

    All Wii's have a Neogamma R8 beta 15 backuploader.

    Any sollution for this problem?


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