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Thread: Loading Orcarina Cheats with a USB Loader

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    Us Loading Orcarina Cheats with a USB Loader

    My American Wii is soft modded currently running 4.2. I have the game [NTSC]Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility on my WBFS formatted Scandisk 4gb USB Disk. I tried loading it through Brisma's mod of USB Loader 1.5 (With and without cheats being loaded) but it always freezes at the "Connect the Nunchuk or Classic Controller" screen. So I tried it through just Waninkoko's original USB Loader v1.5 and it work's fine, but the problem is his version doesn't have the cheat support.

    So my questions are:

    Is there a way to load the cheats before I start the loader? Can I put the cheats in a directory somewhere where they get loaded with Waninkoko's Loader upon starting the game? Or another loader with cheat support I might be able to try?


    Does anyone know why the game might be freezing with Brisma's mod?

    36 rev10
    38 rev14

    Soft Modded with Dop-IOS MOD(v1.11)

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    I would recommend using either:
    1. USB Loader GX (also called usbloader-gui)
    2. Configurable USB Loader (also called Usb Loader CFG)

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    Yeah GX works as well, what is the directory listing for the Orcarina cheats it uses though?

    Ha never mind found it. Didn't realize it had custom paths, awesome feature.

    Okay it was what I had it as, but for some reason its not detecting my gct file. The game ID's aren't different sometimes are they? I have mine as R84EE9.

    Nevermind that wouldn't be it either they are the same in both with the loader and in the gct file. Why won't it detect the gct file?

    Ha nevermind again found out that I just had to turn Orcarina on in the game settings and with the gct in the codes folder makes it load everytime I play and then to turn them off I have to turn Orcarina off in the game setting. Ha the ability to figure things out by yourself if you just try.
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    Good Job!

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