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Thread: Update pending... is it safe?

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    Ca Update pending... is it safe?

    Hi All,

    I stumbled across this site about three weeks ago and went through the tutorial for Hacking a 4.2 Wii. At that time the then virgin Wii had just been updated to the latest version of Wii menu. (Maybe that was 4.2).

    Anyway, apart from spotting a few slight differing messages in the tutorial and on my screen, it all appears to have worked. I have my NAND backup, I have BootMii in IOS. Homebrew channel is in place, I use GX USB loader and my cheapo external USB drive caddy.

    I've got a few games and lets say that 9 out of 10 of them work.

    My kid decided to try playing some of the original purchased games yesterday. One worked no problem, then when trying the second one, we see a message from [maybe] Nintendo that says we need to do an update.

    Do I need to do an update? What happens if I do?

    I can't seem to get around it.

    On the plus side, homebrew games are working fine, just the purchased discs are not.

    Grateful for any helpful help.


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    Use preloader to block all disc updates.

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    It's generally best to avoid any form of update when you are softmodded.

    However, you are normally safe to update provided your Menu is higher than the disc in question. So if you are indeed at 4.2 then only one game could cause a problem and that's Endless Ocean 2.

    The games in question, which you didn't share the names of, probably have a higher IOS version on them than you have on your Wii, so will cause the update nag screen. If you allow the update you will get the latest IOS updates (at least from when that disc was mastered).

    You may find these games black screen once you block the update.
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    Thanks for the help so far.... I'm still not sure what to do yet. Let me fill in the two gaps so we all know what I'm talking about, then you may be kind enough to do the same [for this person who is not familiar with the lingo].

    The Wii menu is version 4.2u.
    The game in question is Activision Science Papa

    I'm not sure how to work out what version the game is. It is copyright 2009, so not super-new.

    I'm not sure what the preloader is. It sounds like something that would load before a disc and maybe smooth the problems away. Dreamy, but I don't know if there are good and bad preloaders, if it's a channel, something for my hard disc, something for an SD card.

    I am happy to read if someone can kindly direct me to the info.

    Thanks once again.


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    If you go back to the guides and scroll to the bottom of the guide you should see info on installing priiloader. Once installed you can set different options in it such as block disc updates and region free games.

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    Never heard of that game but I'm sure it doesn't have a 4.2 update.

    Preloader/Priiloader is a part of most softmod tutorials, it's an app that attaches to System Menu and runs pretty early in the boot cycle. You can disable a few things with it's system hacks.

    Installing is straightforward, no more than running any other app and following on screen prompts.
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