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Thread: To Buy SOLDERLESS or seek Professional help

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    Ca To Buy SOLDERLESS or seek Professional help

    Has anyone tried the products from Welcome Wii Modz! | ...the ONLY place to go for your wii modding needs!

    I need feedback.

    I want to chip my nephews wii, I have no previous experiences, so if getting a SOLDERLESS chip will save him, then great!

    BUt if it is trouble, I can find dealer and have him do it professionally.

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    I wouldn't trust that site. First off, they aren't a reseller of their chips and using a free hoster for their website doesn't look like they are taking their "business" very serious. We have been modding for the last 7 years (do a whois on my site to verify) and can support your purchases so give us a try.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'd love to do business with you, I hope you can provide the product and the installation on same day, if soldering is needed.

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    Go ahead and order on the site and tell me what your serial number is and we can send it out for Monday. Or if you are near us, come by and watch us do the install and test it for you. Thanks.


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