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Thread: Modchip updation

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    Modchip updation

    Hi all,

    I am new here. I have problem playing some of the new games on my Wii recently (error code 001) and I understand that I need to update my modchip in order to solve this problem. However, I do not know what is the chip used in my Wii and I do not have the tools to open it.

    May I know if I download the update files for different modchips and try it on my Wii will it update or damage my modchip if it's the wrong chip? Will the firmware update detects the modchip before it updates them?

    Many thanks.

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    Can you not ask the person the person or store that modded it? If you have an old wii, pray you have a wiikey for easy upgrade. If you don't, then you'll have to take it apart and see.

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    Hi there,

    My Wii is more than a year old now and I know the shop would charge me extra cash to get it flashed hence the decision to do it myself.

    After some reading in the forum I realised that the Wiikey update actually does a test flash before it does the real flash. So I downloaded the 1.9s and tried it on my Wii.

    Luckily enough, the test flash went smoothly without any problem so I confirmed that it's a Wiikey inside and went for the final flash and viola, it now plays anything that I throw into it and I am a happy man again!! I not only have saved the money to flash it but also the time to bring it down for flashing as the shop is actually quite far from my house

    Thanks for replying. I think this is a wonderful forum for ppl to share information here.


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    Glad everything worked out for you. It's a shame that store you deal with would charge you for a 2 min update.

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    Thanks. that's how the shops here work, can't blame them as we all need $$ to survive isn't it?


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