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Thread: Kinda new catch me up please

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    Kinda new catch me up please

    Alright well im not a master hacker but i know my share... kinda lol but I need some help i have been away and well there are way to many posts to get caught up on stuff. I have my Cios38rev14 installed and the homebrew channel installed obviously i have gamma loader 002 fix and and neo gamma loader 08 im pretty sure its the most resent one.

    So with all that is there anything i need to update? like my loaders or something?
    I can't get new super mario brothers to work. and i tried renting it well i can't play it because i need to update my wii. So how can i go about playing these newer games please help thanks

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    Check the tutorials and guides for NSMB. Its been covered.

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    cIOS38 rev17 and configurable usb loader.

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    Search for one thats says fixed nsmb or patched


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