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Thread: tiger woods 2010 - chaning res ?

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    tiger woods 2010 - chaning res ?

    Hello everyone

    this is my first post, this forum has been awesome!

    i have tiger woods 2010, i load this via usb loader gx, when the game starts my tv changes to 576i resolution, therefore the resolution of the screen goes all ' liney '

    i have done the following:
    - checked the wii output options (set to edtv or something)
    - checked the game config, nothing listed there to change it

    this doesnt happen to other games ???!!!

    i have a samsung series 6 50" 1080p plasma... no issues there

    im confused as to what to do next

    any help would be awesome!

    thanks all

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    what system menu version are you on and what version is the game? PAL or NTSC?

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