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Thread: D2Lite: First Legal Wii Modchip Announced

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    Talking D2Lite: First Legal Wii Modchip Announced

    From the official press release...

    For those of you who wants to play original import Wii and Gamecube
    games and fiddle with drivespeed and other parameters without using the
    somewhat complicated softmods there is now an alternative - d2lite.
    Features include automatic region detection and fallback, DVD firmware
    update, DVD config disc, recovery mode and multiple clock frequencies
    for greater compability with a variety of drives. It is compatible with
    all drives on the market and is expected to go on sale in the next week
    at a lite price.
    Check out the Official Site d2lite : Home, which is still under construction.

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    I think the title should be changed slightly. The chip isn't legal depending on the laws governing the country you live in. In the USA, according to the gist of the DMCA, any device (ie. modchip) that circumvents built in protection (ie. wiis only allowed to play region specific games) are illegal. The only time a modchip would be legal under the DMCA would be if it has Linux code on it to make the wii do something else (ie. run Linux).

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    I don't actually see the point in this mod chip, tbh.

    Can't you just get a Freeloader on firmware below 3.3 and just install Homebrew using the Twilight Hack all without installing a Chip. So, may as well be able to play back ups as well if installing a chip.
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    Just in case anyone was wondering how the chip looks like..


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