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Thread: Fear of eventual brick

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    Fear of eventual brick

    I don't know anything about stubbed IOSs.

    I'm using a 4.0 wii, and at one point I downgraded to something or another to apply something or another, and then updated back to 4.0 (this was a while ago, so forgive).

    The Wii is softmodded... I don't think I applied any trucha bugs, but I did install a patched IOS60, and I can run backups via USB loaders, and install wads. I believe I have cios249 r14 installed, and hermes cios222 and 223. BootMii is installed as boot2 (made a NAND backup) and I can access the maintenance screen holding down + and - and presssing A. I also have those NTSC-J weather and news channels, which would be nice to get rid of. My wii was bought on launch day, if that makes any difference

    I've been careful with other people's wiis in that I've made sure not to downgrade, but when I was working on mine those many months ago, I threw caution to the wind and went with whatever seemed like it would work.

    Edit: Besides downgrading, I also used this downgrading thing on some of the newer wiis I modded: PatchMii IOS Downgrader

    SO, what are my chances of a brick? What can I do to prevent a brick? I had an unfortunate experience with a banner brick that I barely recovered from (on another wii) and now I would like to prevent any such instances from occuring on my own wii. Any help would be appreciated.
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    You said the magic words 'BootMii' and 'installed as Boot2'.

    Take note, BootMii in Boot2 is loading prior to the Wii system menu itself, so if some how you dorked up the Wii to a partial/full brick, its really as simple as going into Bootmii and going to the last option and then restore NAND. Restore yourself back up and your good as gold again.
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    Okay, that saves me if I brick it, but I'd like to prevent a brick from ever happening. Did downgrading have any effect on anything?

    Did using that patchmii downgrader mess with the newer wiis that I modded?

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    Its possible, but you said you upgraded and it didnt cause any issues, so I'm guessing your clear, but there is a small chance still.
    Nand.bin and Keys.bin backup from Bootmii are your friends though.

    As far as preventing, its really just following guides to the letter, and installing wad's from only trusted sources. Also if your on 4.1, stay there if you can, thus far 4.2 and coming down the pipe have been just anti piracy largely. Any games that require an updated IOS can be installed manually, check out the IOS games guide list in the forums here.
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    Okay, can someone explain to me when stubbed ios come into effect.

    The Wiis are working now, so if I never update, everything should remain okay?

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    A stubbed IOS is only for downgrading / illegal ioses.
    ios60 is stubbed on 4.2. So if you downgrade to 4.0 / 4.1 (uses ios60) then you get a brick. Also IOS249 is stubbed so you cannot install cios249 without removing the stub first.
    So when you have a stub IOS always remove it first before installing something over it with a lower version number...
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