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Thread: USB loader GX Dsi exception?

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    Question USB loader GX Dsi exception?

    Ok so my wii is a 4.2 softmodded, usb loader gx(unsure of version but recently did net update) and a WD 500GB. This has been working perfect on all counts until today. Played some Spiderman with my son took a break till after dinner, started the wii up loaded GX and the wiimotes would not sync. Hard reset then resync. Both wiimotes all good on system menu, loaded GX and get a dsi exception and a bunch of code and stack dump(?). Hard reset and resync. Load GX and both wiimotes show up on gx menu then freeze. GX always loads the problems start when using the wiimotes. They either dont sync r if they do freezes sometimes with the dsi error and dump. Any help is appreciated.

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    Check your SD Card is not either full or corrupted, presuming you load from SD Card?

    Copy contents to PC, reformat the card, copy contents back to card, see if any file errors?

    Whilst the contents are on your PC, check the cover art - see if they are all 100% as they should be.

    You could try an alternate USB Loader such as WiiFlow:

    USB Loader Releases - WikiTemp
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    Well I checked the SD card neither full or any corrupted data or images. I loaded my HDD in WBFS 3.0 and everything worked as usual. Started the wii up and everything worked perfect again. No sync problems or crash dumps. IDK what may have caused or fixed it, but it works!!! If it happens again i will post a full detail log message to hopefully help anyone else who has had this bug. Thanks to lfc4ever in helping me out.

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    Good news, do you have a habit of leaving the SD card in 24/7?

    It may have become corrupted (SD Card like Hard Disks get files all over the place), by taking them off and putting them back on you will have sorted them out (like defragging) and bingo - it now works
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    Yeah my SD never leaves the wii unless I am managing some new WADs or whatnot. I have one idea about what may have caused this little setback. I have been useing the premium sensor bar(wireless) for a while and the batts died so I plugged in the original sensor bar to finish the game. The next boot up after that is when the problems started??? IDK just a thought. Thanks for the responses and help.

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    ive just started having this exact issue as well, will try the reformat sd card since i leave it in the wii 24/7. funny thing is i thought my custom background music for usbloader was causing it to crash so i tried to look for the file on the sd card to remove and couldnt find it anymore but it still plays when i load up the loader

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    if there is a way to download a dsi usb loader plz uploaded here and that would be sick

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    this happened to me today, i was using my sd card to transfer small files to another computer. then when i put it in the wii i got the error.
    turns out my SD card was locked so i unlocked it and everything worked fine.
    im guessing i locked it while i was playing with the lock

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    Quote Originally Posted by night rydar View Post
    if there is a way to download a dsi usb loader plz uploaded here and that would be sick
    Lol, Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
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    ..nice to know that theres a fix for everything in this forum..i just started to have this problem and it looks like its already fixed after reading your posts
    thank you!!

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