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    Help please

    bought a d2pro (V4C-9) with clip when i clip it in place my drive wont accept disc and when it does i get a message saying please eject disc power down console and refer to wii operation manual for trouble shooting help this is with back-up and orginails-if i don't put a game in it loads find to the wii menu.also all i can get on my chip is a red light.please wife bought me my wii as a present and it took me awhile to get her to let me mod it and now it won't work

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    Hi, Welcome on board.

    Take a look at the following thread, it may have the answer you are looking for.

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    i got my D2Pro9 rev 3 + WiiClip V4C-3 presoldered fromGmodz and it states "D2pro9 with clip comes with latest 2.3 firmware to fix eject and inching issues for d2c/d2c2 drives" also i read somewhere that if you have a D2B chip drive that points c,d,e,f are not suposse to be solder is this true cause on mine they are solder

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    If you have a d2b board, please desolder those points. If you are not comfortable with doing that, please send it back and we will replace it with once for your board. Our presoldered d2pro9s are soldered for the majority of wiis (D2C, D2C2, and D2Es). Thanks!

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    if i desolder those point do i still have to short the clk or do the j from clip to j on the board if the short clk doesn't work.when i ordered mine i stated i had a d2b drive,so could they have not just desolded it before shipping as i bought mine from if i didn't feel safe desoldering i really don't have time to send it back as i'm dealing with some very sever medical issuses and well let's just say i pass my time by playing video games.the guys at Gmods are good don't get me wrong just a little frustrated when i payed for the chip and priorty overnight shipping and i've been at this for two days with no luck and this is the second time i've had to order the first one i ordered was from and never received it so i jumped ship and went with Gmods-but i did state when i ordered the chip that i have a G2B drive it is even on the e-mail reciept that i got from them under the special instruction i put :looked up serial # on wiitracker and it says i have a GC2-D2B drive chip and the drive pins are most likely not cutso i figured they would see that and well i expected it to be set up for my G2b drive.sorry i'm not trying to sound B*tchy but as well my wife bought me my wii and it took me forever to get her to let me mod it as i told her and showed her the web site and the chip/clip and she finally gave in and well now she thinks it was a mistake and that the sites offering these chips/clip are full of on the other hand am looking for a solution and still trying to prove her wrong,Also just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped me out with my problem and ways of solving it and please i hope no one takes this the wrong way
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    Unhappy new paper weight

    well i guess i now own a nintendo wii paper weight yeah!!!! it's not like i've never modded before i've done my ps2 and psp-so i have a good idea of what i'm doing

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    I'm sorry to hear about your medical situation and you frustration with the Wii, I hope everything works out soon. My understanding is that the D2B only requires 5 wire connection as per the D2Pro web site. The CLK should not be shorted for a D2B install.

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    is that for the wii clip as well,also my clip doesn't lock in place very well but the led lights up
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    can anyone verify this?????

    it says this is only for D2b,D2a and Dms here is the web page

    Solderless D2pro 5/9 wire Modchip with SPI ( All versions including D2C2 ) & Screwdrivers *::*Modchip*::*Nintendo Wii*::*TechSick
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    Deadman1978 im sorry.. sucks you are having issues with your Wii.. and WiiClip..
    Send it to me and i'll install it for you (wire install) for $30. + $15. for shipping it back to u.. so $45. total & you can pay me thru paypal.. send me a pm if interested or email at ..noticed your feedback.. they will send you another one which is great.
    in case it doesnt work.. my offer is & will be up for you.. thanx again..


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