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Thread: Pleaze help meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Pleaze help meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok ima cut right to the cheese...i cant hack my wii
    running on 4.2u

    here is what happened...i bought my wii last christmas and was so glad since i was a psp hacker and thought i could hack a wii easily...i installed dvdx HBC and bootmii succesfully...but when im trying to install the backup loafder channel i cant

    in fact i cant get the wad manager to work...everytime i try to install a wad it gives me a freakin error

    and some cios dont work becouse you need internet connection and i dont have wireless internet

    can someone just tell me how to hack my wii beyond the point of installing HBC, would deeply appreciate that,


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    Well you need to follow a guide instead of randomly installing things. Got to the guides section of the forums and find one of two softmod guides for 4.2.
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    that might not help you since you don't have internet.... Look for a cIOS38rev14 wad to install on your system... That will get you started

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    so after installing cios38 rev14 what do i do,and what ios do i install that with if i try with 249 all it does is freeze up my wii and i have to hold the power button for like 5 seconds,i havent tried any other ios becouse i dont want to brick my wii

    anyway thanks for responding,really apreciate it

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    start over from the beginning

    use this guide to the T. this is the guide i used and was playing backed up dvd games in 20 minutes.. and like was said above dont just install stuff randomly follow the steps thats why there there?

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    OK followed the guide and i DID IT

    but.......i have the new dvd drive he was talking about.........

    so what im trying to do is install the cios needed for the usb loader but i dont understand what she/he is trying to say in the appendix about all of the folders so can someone tell me exactly how to use the program he talks about PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ,and do i have to format my usb(4 gig) to something

    p.s. Im trying to get a 500 gig usb drive for my pc by next week,would the wii inter-fear with the drive and do i have to format it a special way?

    THX FOR THE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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