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Thread: Hack Brings Region Free to the Wii Without a Modchip!!! Updated!

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    Hack Brings Region Free to the Wii Without a Modchip!!! Updated!

    Tona has released a complete Wii Region modification utility.

    Hey guys. I didn't like Waninkoko's two-application partial region change, so I went out and wrote my own region changer.

    Basically, Waninkoko's Downgrader would let you install a System Menu from another region, and leave you with a semi-brick. His Region Changer would change one or two of the pieces of region data, and still leave you with a half-assed region swap. I dare you to find a way to access the Japanese Wii Shop from a US or European Wii using his applications.

    So, my application lets you change just about everything. And it does things a little bit safer. And it doesn't require cIOS (tada!).

    With this, you can change your Wii's Language setting, Country setting, Area (region) setting, Game (Disc/channel region) setting, and Video mode setting. You can also SAFELY install the System Menu 3.2 from any region. Unlike Waninkoko's downgrader, this application waits until all content is downloaded before trying to install anything.

    Video link:

    AnyRegion Changer v1.0
    by tona


    This program will let you edit any and all of the region information on your
    Wii, and allow you to install System Menu 3.2 from any region if you so
    desire. The setting changes are the result of a setting change library I've
    been working on for a while called sysconf.c. The System Menu Installer
    uses patchmii as a simple base for web installations. It also uses some
    IOS patches (by bushing/waninkoko) in the event that the system menu
    or IOS30 needs to be downgraded. The Setting changes have been
    tested again and again, and the worst you can do to your system is
    cause a semi-brick. The System Menu Installer is done in a way even
    safer than Waninkoko's Downgrader, so there's certainly no worries there.

    Country Codes:
    A near-complete listing of country codes can be found at:
    Country Codes - WiiBrew


    This software comes with NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER. You may use this
    software at your own risk. I can take no responsibility for any damage
    caused by this application.

    Please take note of the following:
    -If setting.txt is corrupted for any reason, it is entirely possible that
    your Wii will no longer boot.
    -Be careful not to change Video mode to a mode unsupported by your
    -If you change your Country code, you will be unable to receive any
    pending gifts you have in the Wii Shop Channel. (The shop will also
    warn you of this)
    -If you set the EULA to Read, you may be accessing Nintendo
    Network Services illegally. You should only change this setting to
    "read" if you have actually read and accepted the EULA for the
    Country code you have set.


    To compile this, you will need libogc cvs with the patch in libogc_patches
    applied, and you will have to provide System Menu identification items
    in the data directory.


    Patchmii is licensed under the GPLv2, and as such a copy of the license is
    included. The non-patchmii material is under a BSD-like license.


    bushing, svpe, and everyone else for their wonderful work on patchmii.
    Waninkoko for his title_version check IOS patch, and for inspiring me to
    do a better job.
    Anyone brave enough to test for me. ChipD, SoraK05, crediar.
    And a shout out to SquidMan who fights many of the same fights I do.

    Have fun guys

    (c) 2008 tona / the internet

    Info provided by WiiBrew
    Actual link-

    It has been confirmed that the recently released AnyRegion Changer app will allow you to change the region of your Wii and download/play Virtual Console apps from other regions!
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