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Thread: savemiifrii help??????????????

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    savemiifrii help??????????????

    Hi. my wii is banner bricked after installing a bad wad. I tried the GC controller all 4 directions button and it works. Now it shows ver. 3.2 USA. I put in a legit copy of new super mario brothers. It just boots into the game. How do i fix the bad wad problem?? I thought it was suppose to update with the game? Thanks

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    Updating with the game just updates your SM to 4.1, it doesn't remove the banner problem.

    You will need to launch Wad manager or Any Title Deleter to fix this issue, something which would have been much much easier on 3.2 unfortunately.

    At Health and Safety screen hold down - and + and press A a few times, hopefully maintenance mode should start and allow you to access Wad manager or ATD.
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    If you updated to 4.1 you will not be able to run any recovery disks. If you had the twilight hack installed, it is gone and would not function. I will assume you did not install the indiana pwns hack, it would help if you did.

    If you don't have boot2 bootmii, and are unable to enter maintenance mode as described by Tealc, and don't have indiana pwns, fixing this will be alot of fun for you.

    Your only other option is to fill your nand with large savegames, and channels, and possible DLC, using many many autoboot game iso with an autobooting mode chip. Mod chip must also be preconfigured to autoboot prior to installation into the wii. Filling the nand would force the wii to send you to data management to free up space. From there you can banner bomb the apps you need.
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