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Thread: Cover art. Black screen. USB Loader GX.

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    Cover art. Black screen. USB Loader GX.

    Hi I have a 4.1u softmodded wii running USB Loader GX 1.0 R807.

    Everything has worked flawlessly until I added cover art and disc art. They show up fine, but when I select a game all I get is a black screen. The games worked perfect before. I have the cover art in the SD card and my games on a HDD half partitioned to FAT32 and half WBFS format. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.
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    Yeah get rid of GX its too buggy, I had nothing but problems with GX and CFG now use wiiflow and its far better.

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    While I do agree with WM about wiiflow, GX shouldn't be corrupting with images like that. Try updating to a newer revision. Also try backing up and deleting SD:\config\GXGlobal.cfg from your card. This will force the app to create a new one and hopefully fix any errors present.

    And then once you've got that working right, go get wiiflow and see how a real usb loader should look. Yeah, I went there.
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    Fixed...Sort of.

    Well it seems that adding the cover art corrupted all my games on th WBFS side but left the Fat32 side unaffected.

    Tried deleting config. files. Didn't work, black screen. Thanks for the help though.

    I was however able to boot up my games after removing all cover and disc art and reuploading my games to the hdd. I got all of the art from WiiTDB.

    I'm currently using rev883 I believe. I like the user friendly interface of GX. Anyone have an idea of the latest stable build?


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